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35  Year Certified Member of
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Energy Saving Products

Time Delay Relays-
Not expensive used to start your equipment in stages to lighten initial 300% starting amperage loads after a power failure and may reduce large demands on your electrical system.
If you have an emergency generator you may have already had to install TD's and you know it requires a
3 hp generator to start a 1 hp motor so you have to TD start your equipment in stages
Power Factor Correction Capacitors-
Your energy suppliers use them to reduce energy losses. You too can reduce losses and have cooler running equipment on three phase. Do you pay extra for poor power factor on your bill?
Run Capacitors on Motors and Compressor -
Do you have them and are they working as they also correct power factors on single phase
High Efficiency Motors-
Large savings and these may run 24 hours a day. Request High Ef at replacement time
A/C Economizers -
Economizers turn A/C compressors off and allow cold outside air to cool your building. If you have them
are they working correctly? An outside air damper stuck open during hot weather can waste energy. Like any
control discussed here they have to be checked and will have a reverse effect if they're not working as designed
A/C Limit Thermostats-
Does someone tinker with your wall thermostats? A remote thermostat installed inside your rooftop a/c can limit minimum or maximum air temperatures to your settings and prevent A/C coil freeze up to plus or minus 1 degree accuracy with easy programming electronic controls
Night Setback Thermostats-
Can help but if they're not working correctly or lose memory you missed your target.
After a set back period (heat or cool) the equipment capacity has to be larger than the actual A/C load or heat loss in order to recover but if it's not you get cold buildings in the winter and hot in the summer for hours until the unit can recover. Many times a manager will attempt to compensate for this by overriding the set point to 55 and then the A/C freezes up the cooling coil and you have no A/C at all or raises the heat setting to 80 and then the building temperature overshoots costing you more than you saved during the setback period.
Adding an A/C limit thermostat as described above can stop this coil freezing problem.
Pipe Insulation on Refrigeration Lines and Hot Water-(Not a major cost but a major savings)
Very important on refrigeration lines as it reduces the load on your compressors especially in hot weather
On uninsulated hot water pipes how many gallons go down the drain before you get hot water in the sink?
Did you drain your water heater this month to remove sediments (Indicated by a popping noise)
Ductwork insulation-is it damaged-is it outside out of sight on the roof and needs repair?
Door Seals and Gaskets-
Have them checked and replaced if damaged. You can check them yourself by closing the door on a dollar bill
There should be a slight drag on it when you pull it out. If not the door is out of adjustment or a failed gasket.
Electric Panel Load Balancing-(If it hasn't been done and you have hot panels have it checked by a professional electrician)
Most of the loss in electric panels creates heat and you pay for that heat that's wasted and then that heat goes into your A/C system and you pay a second time to remove it from the building
Small Business? Would Any of These Items Save You Energy?
Large Business? Already  Have These? Are They Working?

Lethal Advise From a Serviceman
Installing or servicing these energy saving products requires a professional contractor that is insured and licensed
Do not attempt to make any of these equipment changes yourself because of a risk of electrocution and/or burning
Hire a professional.
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