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2#Insulation Insulation Insulation
I can't say it enough as it is the most important energy saving item in refrigeration or A/C
or building walls but the most ignored after initial construction.
It keeps on paying and it pays even more the next year as electric and gas rates go up.
It sets there and and keeps increasing in value as long as it doesn't get wet or damaged.
But if it gets wet or the vapor barrier failed or was installed on the wrong side and it can be your largest enemy. A refrigeration vapor barrier if required must be on the warm side Check your cooler / freezer / building walls to see if any have cold spots or condensation showing and do a core sample to see if you have ice or wet insulation. If within your budget an Infrared thermal photography firm can show you where your insulation has failed. Learn about it and understand R factors before replacement. Maybe an additional layer could save you another 30% with a very short payback. Foam panels can be added on the outside without major structural changes and covered with a stucco-like finish on a outside wall.
3# Study Your Electric Bills
Or hire someone to do it. Did you use more this year than two years ago? Did you use more KWH's in Jan 02 than you used in Jan 04? A one year comparison is not enough due to weather changes but with a five year chart you can see what the average KWH usage should be. Do you have an equipment problem on your end? Have you ever seen grass growing on top of damaged underground electrical wires in the winter? I have and the customer paid dearly for several months.The power companies are always more than glad to help you investigate to make sure everything is correct on their end. Sometimes power companies are unable to read the meters due to bad weather and they charge you an average amount and then give you credit back the next month if you are overcharged and they will tell you that if that is the case but if you have a serious problem on your end it could go on for months or until equipment fails. With many OEM computer programs you can enter KWH usage values for each month and print out a graph covering five years. You check the mpg on your car should you not check the KWH on your business? Some power companies check and record your usage every 5 min printable up to several years on their bigger customers and they might be willing to help you with a printout
Don't be afraid to ask,be kind and explain your concerns. It works for me.

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Misc. Energy Savers
Are you on demand meters? Time delays can help drop that sudden inrush on power failures
High Efficiency Lighting, Power Factor Correction Capacitors, Heat Reclaim, Case loading techs
High Efficiency Equipment, Power Panel Balancing, Water Heater Blowdowns, Pipe Insulation
Warning signs on cooler/freezer walk-indoors as to cost of open doors per minute. They work!
Thermostats set too cold -Check that running temperatures are not below regulation temps
Turn off all case and walk-in lighting during closed hours and use overhead retail lighting only
Check vendor pop and ice machines for dirty condensors - you are paying the electric bills
Energy Saving Tips for Business Owners
Saving energy that phrase has a good and patriotic sound to it doesn't it? But it can mean the difference between making a profit or closing the doors.For you smaller companies that don't have an engineer on the payroll I supply the following tips from my 38 year tenure as a refrigeration serviceman.

1# Dirt is Your  Enemy #1
It's a large share of your maintenance and energy costs. It comes in with your customers. It blows with wind. Floor buffers, vacs and box cutters disturb tons of it inside and that goes right into your ductwork,filters, A/C, refrigeration equipment and on your product. Outside it gets in your equipment and can drive electric usage up 30% and beyond but you don't see it on your electric bill you just know it's too high. While cleaning the dirt inside think about your equipment outside as wasting electricity costs allot more than paying that service man to clean and check your equipment while looking for a possible motor or compressor failure.

please email me your sale items