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410 Linn Street
Valley Falls, Ks 66088 USA

Welcome to my refrigeration home page
35  Year Certified Member of
Refrigeration Service Engineers Society
Manager's Refrigeration Emergency Checklist
by John G Roberson
What is the temperature and is the unit in defrost?
Check the circuit breakers as some get turned off
accidentally with night lighting.
Water cooled ice machines have an emergency reset
to push for restart if you lose water pressure.
Refrigeration compressors larger than 3 horse
power have an oil safety reset button.
Has someone turned off the freezer unit outside
and will that person be waiting next to the dumpster
tomorrow? It has  happened before.
   Have caution when checking outside equipment
after hours!
Is the whole neighborhood without power?
If it is an A/C it has air filters are they clean?
Is an oil spill visible on equipment or underneath equipment?
   If the fan motor has stopped placing a box fan
blowing air into the condenser might restart the compressor in an emergency.
Is the unit covered with wind blown plastic, trash,
lint or cottonwood tree fuzz?
Is it a small unit? Is the cord plugged in? 
Manager's Refrigeration Emergency Checklist
As these are some of the first things your service man will ask you to check
Doing it yourself first might save the cost of a service call
For your convenience you may print and cutout the following emergency checklist for reference when a breakdown occurs.
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